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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away: No responses please

worry room.jpg

Got something that's bugging you?

Want to vent, but don't want a response?

Sometimes our minds can get stuck in circles trying to sort out an issue. This can keep you up at night, or make it hard to focus on other things. I find that putting things away, and not thinking about it temporarily can be helpful. 

This is the place to get it out, and then give yourself permission to let it go.

Maybe you will need to get back to it some other time, but this is space where you can put it in a place so that you can leave it for some time and (try) not to worry about it in the mean time.

It's a thread where people don't need to reply, it purely just to get it out your worry and concerns.

If you want to show your support for someone, hit the 'like' button. In this thread, 'like' doesn't mean that you 'like' someone's issue, but you support them in letting it out. 

So write down your concerns, put it in a vault, shut the door, and allow yourself to walk away from it.

Pls note: If you are reading other people's posts, please respect that they don't want a response. Show your support by 'Liking' their post.

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Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

Love this @CherryBomb!!

My "worry" to get off my chest:

I feel like I will never recover. I will never be free of these thoughts, and never see myself as "normal" when compared to others.
That being said, I saw my GP the other day and said this all to him, and he said that rather than compare myself to other people, I should compare myself to myself.

Which is good advice.

Compared to this time last year, I have come so far.

I still have so far to go... But I need to be optimistic.

Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

Hi I worry about never being able to get out of an abusive environment, that I will continue to allow people to abuse me that I will never stand up for myself. The result is the continued decline in my mental health and I just let it happen.

Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

My worry is that my anxiety and my busy schedule are going to result in me not getting the grades I need to pass my degree and get to honours which is my goal.
I try very hard to take on opportunities and not saying no is wearing me down but I just can't turn down a chance to work or learn or invitations to be around friends because I like being busy!

Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

I've been feeling pretty unwell for the last few weeks, so I may be a tad negative... here goes:

I worry that it's my fault. That I'm a bad person. That I'll never be well. That I'll never feel happy again. That I'll never live my 'life', I'll never achieve anything. I worry that my whole life has and will be a failure (it really feels like that right now!). I worry that because of this illness, that I'm broken and not like a 'normal person'. I worry that I'll never be able to think, and read and study again. I worry that my brain has been broken and doesn't work normally anymore. I worry that my demon is telling the truth. I worry that I'm a burden. I worry that I'll fail uni this semester. I worry that I'll never get my degree. I worry that if it wasn't for my parents I would be homeless right now and without any family support. I worry that I'll never be able to take care of myself and live an independent life again.

I think I worry too much........

I worry that my doctor might find out that I *do* use screens and computers in the middle of the night when I can't sleep..... Smiley Tongue

Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

I feel like my life is fallilng apart - again. I have been in a similar situation before, where I have failed in my education, my health had deteriorated and then lost my drivers license. So far, I'm 2 out of 3 - I don't know how I will handle it if I end up losing my license again. Why can't anything ever go right for me???? Feeling so alone and isolated and almost like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff, just waiting for that one more thing to go wrong to push me over. 


Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away


Dear @Ace85


I am really sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you at the moment. Take care of yourself.


Perhaps someone else would like to make some suggestions about how they cope when things are really tough. 


Again, please look after youself and I really hope that tommorow is a better day for you.


Fee Fee 

Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

hi @Ace85
I feel like I'm in the same place as you, but for different reasons. It's so hard to find the way to keep rationalising my thoughts... Questioning if things are really as bad/terrible/horrific as they seem... Are my overwhelming feelings making my thoughts be untrue .... Keep reaching out if you can, on here, to your gp or counsellor or life line, family and friends etc you deserve to get through this because there will be better times again...

Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

I'm so scared that the way I'm feeling is all my life is ever going to be. That what happened to me is going to stay playing over and over in my head. That I'm going to end up back in hospital and lose my children and that my life is feeling over.

Re: Worry Room - Get it out, and walk away

I worry that my husband is going to smoke and drink himself into an early grave. I cannot comprehend how lonely I will be without him or how I would carry on.

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