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Re: Experiences of Grief

Hi @kylspike 


You have had a lot of losses in your life - I understand these things - I did a lot of investigation into grief and its causes earlier in my life and they all add up and when another is added the total becomes expontential - it really does


Your termination is a hard one to take in - I spoke to someone a long time ago who didn't realise that her termination was a cause for grief and the terrible way she was feeling - and your Mum leaving when you were a teenager would be really hard to manage also - and then you have the other things which you see as causes for grief and added together add to the load you carry - and rightly so - the loss of relationships are causes and also - among other things - your perceived inability to provide a safe place for your son and your pets as well as yourself - though this may be beyond you atm


But it is a heavy load to carry - the loss of your good health is a serious one too - one we really understand here


I would like to welcome you to the forum family - we help each other here - and I certainly identify with multiple losses as will others 


All the best



Re: Experiences of Grief

Hi @eth 


Sometimes there are no right words - in fact - when it comes to grief there is so little that can be said to communicate our feelings - I understand


But hugs yes - if a person gives a bear hug they can take a bear hug - in my family most people give ritual hugs and kisses when we turn up and when we leave - but forget the bear hug - they don't like it


Except for my sister in law - now she and I always share a bear hug and at family funerals they are the best hugs of all and better than all possibe words


I'm sending a bear-hug Eth - 




bear hug.jpgThose right words are tucked in here somewhere


Re: Experiences of Grief

After a while most people are old enough to have experiences some grief.  Learning to call it simply rather than always getting caught up in the story.

grie f.jpg


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