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Daily goals, motivation and check in

I'm starting this discussion as a place where we can set our goals daily, help motivate each other to do them and then check in with how we went. It's a place to celebrate when we achieve them or just sit with each other if we didnt and are feeling down about it. Hopefully with encouragement and support from each other we'll tick lots of boxes for our daily goals and feel good about it. Please join in. 😊

Note* Ive just started this thread again so it will be visible. Once I deleted my account it no longer shows up.

please join in again if and when needed. 

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Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

A big thanks to @CheerBear for motivating me to start this thread again. 💜

today I am spinning. I’m still in 'now what' land trying to not overcompensate for the last few weeks but very much going in circles. My brain is still very tired and not playing the game of moving forward.

I decided I would make a really nice meal for the kids for tonight but so far choosing what to cook has had me spinning for over an hour. It all still seems overwhelming.

So here I am looking for connection and motivation so I can achieve SOMETHING today. (I’m really looking for a magic wand but don’t tell anyone 😜)

Also tagging @Faith-and-Hope to help kick my butt into gear if you are around....and have your magic wand handy 😘 *edit.....but also more than happy for anyone else to chime in😊


Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hi @Robert01. Please feel free to add anything here like goals or how you are travelling today. Hoping you find this thread handy 😊

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Thanks @teej, I look forward to it Smiley Happy 

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Hey @Teej ...... 🤗💕

Spaghetti bologniase is my go-to comfort family meal ..... but Chili Con Carne with either corn chips or brown rice runs a close second, and I don’t mind using bottled sauces for both if I am feeling flat and unmotivated. The kids don’t know the difference ...... it only matters if it matters to me ...... and it doesn’t. I pigeon-hole it under self-care and tick the box ......

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

Thanks @Faith-and-Hope. That would have been my go to meal too, especially because it’s footy training tonight 🙄 (yep it’s started), but I now have a vegetarian in my house and a S1 who is trying to cut out carbs and only eats whole foods 🙄🙄🙄 and S4 being someone who loves meat and carbs.....yep more eye rolls 🙄🙄🙄. I’d been trying to find a Jamie Oliver meal that has meat and salad that would suit everyone. I think you just made me realise I am making it bigger than it needs to be. Meanwhile time is ticking 😳 and I’m still in my pjs not having moved from bed 😳😒

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

That’s part of my situation. @Teej, and why Chilli Con Carbe works so well.

I make it vegetarian.

Then I cook some mince on its own with onion and stock cube. They who want can add it to the sauce on their own plate.

The brown rice is a whole food. It goes on the table separately, as does a bowl of cheese and corn chips for anyone who wants to layer those into Nachos and microwave for a minute or two to melt the cheese.

Guacamole and sour cream in separate bowls are another add-if-you-want-to-to-your-own-plate.

A plate of salad stuff and bottle of dressing complete the picture.

Many of our meals are served “deconstructed” since the kids reached teenage years and began to self-determine what they wanted to eat. I taught them balance. It’s up to them how they apply it now.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

@Sans911 @Former-Member ...... writing three steps for the day can help, the first one being “got up” and another one beimg “ate something’ ...., perhaps a third can be feed something else (cat, dog, baby dragons, house plant) ......

It is often when we do SOMETHING that another step, and then another step, get taken.

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

😘 @Faith-and-Hope That sounds like a plan. I’ll have a bit of a look for recipes around that now. I have a 5kg bag of brown rice too. Luv ya work 👍😄

Re: Daily goals, motivation and check in

PS @Faith-and-Hope it feels like you did wave your magic wand just now 💜

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